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Paradigm Fuels

Powering Clean Energy

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Introducing Paradigm Fuels

Paradigm Fuels is a ground-breaking engineering model focused on achieving a prosperous and sustainable future for Australia. With over three decades of experience in industry-leading technology development, the Paradigm Fuels strategic group proposes a solution to transform the biofuel industry in Australia.

Paradigm Fuels offers a smart solution and unique farming model for the northern regions of Australia that is an innovative bio-renewable fuel process that is:

  • commercially viable with high internal rates of return for farms ranging from small 90-hectare greenfield sites to very large farm holdings,

  • requires little supporting infrastructure ideal for the remote areas of Northern Australia,

  • provides amazing employment opportunities,

  • able to exceed Australia's 2030 Kyoto targets, using this project alone, and is

  • an opportunity to reinvent Australia’s manufacturing and automotive industries.

With Paradigm Fuels, we believe that with the right understanding and technological edge we can re-shape Australia's future for good.

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Innovation Potential

  • Paradigm Fuels biofuel model provides a strategy for Australia to reduce reliance on fossil fuels by providing technology that enables the opening up of a small portion of the available 70 million hectares of land in the northern regions of Australia. 

  • The model provides a greenhouse gas emissions strategy that would assist Australia exceed its 2030 Kyoto target.

  • The benefit is not only to the transport and mining sectors but across all industries.

  • The model utilises unique and novel engineering systems for efficient processing.

  • The method will produce biofuel (ethanol and biodiesel) at 22c/L.

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