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About Paradigm Fuels

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A National Strategy

Paradigm Fuels aims to be a leading provider of an innovative bio-renewable fuel process whereby:

The proposed farming method is suited for the use of sweet sorghum as a primary feedstock and which can be comfortably grown in the 45 million hectares of low rainfall (0.8m to 1.2m) and in the 25 million hectares of higher rainfall regions in the northern parts of Australia.

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Revenue from the Paradigm Fuels method is estimated to be $25,000 per hectare and offers favourable internal rates of return.

Paradigm Fuels' biofuel model can be successfully promoted in the northern regions of Australia as it can operate on farmlets as small as 90 hectares or on extensive regions. Due to its high carbon dioxide uptake, it is 4 times more efficient than fast-growing Blue Gum plantations currently favoured for “carbon credits.”

Paradigm Fuels offers a model to significantly reduce current imports of petroleum. Therefore, it is ideally suited to meet a cornerstone requirement of the 2020 Federal Liberal Party's Environment Policy and can exceed Australia’s 2030 Kyoto target.

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If 3 million hectares of feedstock was placed under cultivation, then Australia would substantially offset its reliance on imported fuels, far exceed Australia’s 2030 Kyoto targets, produce bio-
diesel at approximately 22c/L, allow industry to continue unimpeded and maintain fuel prices to provide a stable and internationally competitive economy.

Paradigm Fuels enables a Renewable Diesel strategy using very low cost “vegetable oil“ (algal lipid) feedstock. Renewable Diesel is a biosynthetic diesel that has similar molecular structures and
performance qualities to that of mineral diesel.

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