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The Farming / Production Method

The Production Method: Welcome
Water Ripple

Paradigm Fuels' biofuel model is not perceived to be a farming application but is clearly an engineering design and solution.

Paradigm Fuels' proposed method is distinguished in the technical features of its product, its novel process, and its commercial service.

The Production Method: About Us
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Paradigm Fuels' biofuel model is technically novel and utilises unique engineering systems to deliver:

Distributed Processing

Minimised Logistics & Transport

Biofuel Production Cost of 22c/L

Modular & Affordable Plant

Modular & Scalable Process

Eco-friendly - Sweet Sorghum & Sugar Cane

3 million Hectare Scale Exceeds Australia’s 2030 Kyoto Target for Greenhouse Gas Emissions Strategy

Australia Can Substantially Offset its Reliance on Imported Fuels.

Low Water Usage

Low External Infrastructure Requirement

Comparable Low Fertiliser Requirement

Recycled Fertilisation

Stable Environment for Fauna (reptiles and birds)

Enables Small Communities to become Economically Sustainable

The Production Method: List
Water Ripple

The Process Method

Talk to us about the Process Method, which details the following:

  • Unique and Patent-Pending Novel Systems for Renewable Diesel Production.

  • Process Control Systems.

  • Other Equipment and Infrastructure Requirements.

  • Ideally suited for Franchising IP and Process Control Management.

The Production Method: About Us
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